Monday, December 7, 2009

this new venture

hello everyone, this is my shiny new blog. i shall be updating quite frequently about the 2010 mtb race season that our Trek/Fisher High Gear team will be competing in this coming year and also throwing out some random thoughts of my own once in a while. matthew brown at High Gear here in Emporia has asked me to be apart of the team for this season and i couldn't be more pumped. i'm selling my felt comp 29er as of right now so if you know anyone who might be interested hit me up. my new ride will be the 2010 Fisher X-Cal, fully upgraded. can't wait for it to get here.

this weekend my wife crystal, our friend jed and i went and hit up the local trails at camp alexander and got 3 laps in. the warmer weather thawed the ground and it was a bit slippery in a few places, but rippin fast in others. i obviously want to avoid the trainer for as long as possible, but when it feels like 16 degrees outside it almost sounds nice. speaking of weather i think we're supposed to get around 2 inches by tomorrow so crystal and i will probably be making snow men instead of hitting the trails. speaking of the trails there have been a select few guys keeping it in top form since the cRamp alexander race this summer and i just want to give a big thanks to those guys because without them the trails wouldn't be nearly as nice as they are now.

matt and steph at the bike shop are getting ready for the big move to the new store in march. i started working for them last friday and will be in the shop from 5-7 every night this week except for wednesday. we'll start rennovation on the new place the 16th of this month, and i can't wait to see it all come together.

i'll have things up about the new sponsors for the 2010 season soon. also more updates about training and what not. until then matt and his newphew donovan and i are going to see underoath, august burns red and emery this wednesday night in lawrence. can't wait for that as well. hope you all are doing well.


  1. Congratulations bobby on the new blog! Looking good for the initial launch.

  2. Bobby,

    Dude, it was so nice talking to you today. It made me miss the good ol days. You InYourHonor guys we always really great friends of mine.

    I am happy that things are well for you & Crystal! Glad to hear about your job and the new team you are a part of. Be safe and ride hard! I'll be checking in a lot to read up on ya!

    P.S. => I am very jealous of the UnderOath show! There are none close to Colby, KS.

  3. Very nice! You failed to mention a new X-Cal on the way.