Thursday, March 18, 2010

bike shop bike shop bike shop

lets get in this thing SON!

we're all working ourselves crazy down at the shop. but no photos of the progress yet. you have to come to the grand opening to see the glory. we're hoping for there. okay so i know that i need to start posting some pictures with my blog and i will i promise. but as of right now i barely have time to brush my teeth these days. with workin on the house and the shop every waking minute, i just don't have time for much else, let alone blogging. but this is not a bad thing, do not read my wrong here. life is wonderful right now, simply wonderful. working hard and being crazy busy is definitely not foreign to me. we actually know each other quite well and have a fondness for the other i believe.

maybe that means i'll handle being a dad pretty well.

so i'm not trying to sound whiny or anything like that here but we need some trail action in our lives. all of us here in muddy, wet kansas, we're starving for it. i think my body has forgotten what it's like to whip through the trees. lets just hope i can remember how to do it and not get crushed BY a tree.

back to the shop. it's phenomenal. point blank. there are no other words. stupendulendous. okay so maybe there was another word for it. the thing that makes it the best are the people there that are a part of it. we all have our little quirks and ways of working and getting things done but we are all working really well together and seriously getting some things accomplished. but the love at that place is evident and it's what makes me want to get up and be there every day...and into the wee hours of the night. paintin and what not. i actually still have silver paint all over my hands right now. you know, oil based, you basically rub your skin to the bone before you get that crap off.

crystal and i are off to lawrence to see an incredible show tonight. our good friends deas vail are playing at the granada on copeland's farewell tour. it's going to be wonderful, and i'm pretty sure we're gonna grab some chipotle pre-show. maybe i'll post some pics of it if we get some good shots.

i'm out.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

as we can all plainly see (well i have no idea how many people read this thing) my last post was on feb 16th and that was the second day of my bathroom and kitchen project. not finished yet, but am very very insanely close to being so. i have successfully laid, grouted and sealed the tile in both the kitchen and the bathroom. repainted and patched the bathroom walls and cabinets, and that is as far as the train has gone. these projects always, and i mean always take much longer than anticipated, but always look fantastic in the end. i actually thought i'd have this project knocked out within the week that i began, amazing. mike i honestly don't know how you do it man. you continue to update your house, have kids, have grandkids, a full time job, a wife and you still crush the bike weekly for training. you are an inspiration to me my friend, you are for us all. by the way man i installed the new chain rings, cassette and chain on the HiFi today and let me just say it's ready for some trail action.

in other news i have decided to cancel ordering my sexy new Fisher X-Cal for reasons that it may not be here for over another month. there is a chance that it might be here early, but my wife has graciously allowed me to borrow her 07' Fisher Paragon for this race season and pimp it out with some new components. she is a wonderful wifey yes she is.

also the new bike shop is ever closer to becoming a reality. people have been working non-stop down there getting stuff together and we're hoping for a grand opening in the next 2-3 weeks. we just got in around 30 or so new bikes for inventory and we've really run out of room down there. lets just say we can't wait for the new place.

adventure monkey man is going to have a magazine release party on march 13 and man i can't wait for that. this has become such an awesome adventure in itself that i can't wait to see it all materialize. "Adventure Monkey" magazine has huge potential in my eyes and i promise right now that i'd subscribe to it. eric you are the man, and i'm pumped to see so many people excited about this project.

in some riding news my buddy jed and i went out for a little 25 mile jaunt in the flint hills yesterday and it was the first time in 4 months that i haven't had to wear 5 layers and a wind jacket while we road. it was fantastic and i am so excited for spring to be here. lets just get those trails dried up huh? then we'll be talkin.

lastly my 08' Felt Nine Comp still has NOT SOLD, so if you or anyone you know is in the market for an awesome 29er at an INCREDIBLE deal let me know and we can work something out. thanks for reading my blog. you are wonderfully beautiful.