Wednesday, April 6, 2011

race canceled

well the race is canceled for this weekend but honestly for me that is a good thing. we have been very close to finishing the house for a few weeks now and maybe, just maybe we can finish it up completely this weekend. crystal said it best yesterday, "I'm sick of putting off fun things because of the house. so today is one of my days off and we're going to get as much done as possible. the sun feels nice coming through the window in my front room.

I'll miss this place. but I'm excited for what's next.

Monday, April 4, 2011

first race

the first race of the season is this saturday. the lawrence river trail race is actually one that i've never done so i'm excited to check it out. i have off work all weekend so that means there might be some camping up at clinton lake for the weekend. i changed up the blog a little. it was needing a face lift and still needs a little work. can't wait to get on the bike with a bunch of other people. lets hope for no wet trails next weekend.

we had a show at the inner bean this past weekend as well and it went fantastic. here is a photo of me and my good friend owen pye playing a couple of songs together.

next post will have a picture of me on a bicycle. it's going to happen.