Monday, October 24, 2011

District Bicycles

We are opening our bike shop this week. Not sure exactly what day, but it will be sometime this week. Wow what a life change we've had these past couple of months, and I couldn't be happier with the decision. We feel more at home here than we could've imagined, and lots of people here are responsible for that. The community has welcomed us with open arms. I'm off to build more bikes this morning, powered by some coffee from Aspen Coffee Company.

We went with the name District Bicycles simply because "District" is a synonym for "Community." We want the people of Stillwater to feel as if this is their shop, a place where they have ownership. Without a true sense of community that would never be a realization. We want to learn together, grow together and ride together.

Here's to living intentionally. So many of you have helped me realize what this truly looks like. Thank you.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

race canceled

well the race is canceled for this weekend but honestly for me that is a good thing. we have been very close to finishing the house for a few weeks now and maybe, just maybe we can finish it up completely this weekend. crystal said it best yesterday, "I'm sick of putting off fun things because of the house. so today is one of my days off and we're going to get as much done as possible. the sun feels nice coming through the window in my front room.

I'll miss this place. but I'm excited for what's next.

Monday, April 4, 2011

first race

the first race of the season is this saturday. the lawrence river trail race is actually one that i've never done so i'm excited to check it out. i have off work all weekend so that means there might be some camping up at clinton lake for the weekend. i changed up the blog a little. it was needing a face lift and still needs a little work. can't wait to get on the bike with a bunch of other people. lets hope for no wet trails next weekend.

we had a show at the inner bean this past weekend as well and it went fantastic. here is a photo of me and my good friend owen pye playing a couple of songs together.

next post will have a picture of me on a bicycle. it's going to happen.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

the hills are screaming for attention

the flint's where my heart and mind want to be on a bicycle, as soon as humanly possible. 3 months down the road is the ride of my life and i haven't ridden even 50 miles total this year. wow, thats just about the most discouraging thing i could have written. seeing it out there like that is scary. no more excuses. the house is coming extremely close to being done. closer than ever. so riding is happening, soon.

that being said. here is the DK ride.

2011 Trek/Fisher Presidio. i did a little upgrading with the RXL wheels and XXX seatpost, and also threw my RXL saddle from last season on there. i finally got to take it for a spin last week with my wifey and her dad. just about 10 miles around town, but it was gorgeous and this machine is smooth. can't wait to see how it rolls on the gravel. i'm testing out the 1.75 XDX tires right now, with tubes. i'm wondering if they'll roll as fast as i want them to, and i'm also excited to go tubless later on closer to the DK. 200 miles in one's daunting, but i gotta finish. thats the only reason i signed up.

as you can see behind my ride there is the final project of the great 3 year house rennovations. the staircase. i left it for last because i've never done anything like it before, and it has been pretty intimidating. i would say i'm about 1/3 done with the project at this point and just need to get all the staircase parts painted/stained and then go ahead and install them. most of the cutting is done, which is a big relief. after this. it's time to sell this beautiful place and take the next steps toward our future. i can't wait. big things. i just pray we can make everything happen that i know God wants for us. it's extremely easy to be lazy when you get home from work...but no more, we've got to finish what we've started.

if you have some time to read some excellent blogs go check out these places that i frequent often.

Gnat likes - jason is from minnesota and is the brand manager for salsa cycles. his love for photography has become a passion that is worth sharing. his images are fantastic. i look forward to seeing what he's captured while out on snow bike rides and DK training rides. he came to emporia last year for the race and is coming back again this june. hope he conquers the beast this year. read his blog, you won't regret it.

Matt Brown/High Gear - matt owns the bike shop here in emporia and him and steph (his wife) are two of my best friends. they just got back from a 3 week trip to an island close by aruba and had a wonderful time connecting with the locals there and got in some much needed time for themselves away from the craziness of the shop. keep up with him and the happenings in DK country, their shop is the epicenter of all things dirty kanza 200.

see you guys on the gravel soon. until then i'll be woodworking. and i can't wait to be done.


Friday, October 29, 2010

cold october fall

i love it when the air begins to thin and sound starts to travel farther and clearer at night. the cold chill of fall makes this happen. i'm sitting in my living room reading amazing blogs with fantastic photos of riding bikes in the mountains of california and i can hear a police siren quite a few blocks away, but it sounds as if it's right outside our door. everything else is still and quiet. i wish our life were still and quiet. this in reference to all the travel thats going on for my new job. it's a mess, but i know it's only temporary. i miss my friends, i miss my bike, i miss the shop, i miss the flint hills. by the way, if i'm hanging out with any of you that might be reading this blog in the near future, and i start to talk about cell phones, or trying to sell you a cell phone. punch me in the face.

i will thank you for it later.

we just turned the heater on last night because it felt like a walk-in-freezer in our house. i love the sound of the furnace kicking on. i can't describe it, but it just makes me feel all warm and cozy. i should for sure be in bed right now. i'm slowly making it that way. if you haven't had a chance to start reading eric benjamin's (adventure monkey's) california bikepacking story, do yourself a favor and head that way right now. it's beautiful, all of it. i'm so glad he got to experience a trip like that, and i pray others will benefit because of his opportunity. i know good things will come from it. even if it is encouraging others to just be more active, it was worth it. and it is always worth it to test yourself to your very core. for some reason we are trained to run in the complete other direction and seek out any and everything that can bring us more convienence, and that is hollow. i seek a simple life, with deep outcomes. not something easy that comes with no effort. i don't live this way everyday, or very often it seems. but reading eric's blog, and just being in the swing of things that i am right now, i realize more than ever that effort, doing something, and simplicity should be at the top of my list. all with love in my bones. where is this motivation when i need it most? stuffed away in a dark place that i refuse to seek out. i say to hell with that. let's live intentionally.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

i'm a dad

on aug 31st 2010 @ 7:26 am crystal and i became parents.

it was an unbelievable night/morning/day. we'll never experience it for the first time ever again. we've come so far together and now our love has helped in the creation of a new person. what a thought. what a feeling. we're both blown away. every moment together as a family is precious, and i wish i never had to go back to work and we could all just live, travel, bike, eat, sleep, love and bike some more together.

her name is emory mae wintle...and she's our pumpkin pie. at least thats what i've been calling her recently.

i hope she likes bikes. if not that's okay, but she'll be around them for at least the rest of crystal and i's life together, so she'll have to at least tolerate them. this picture is of emory in her onesie that crystal made for her to come home in. yes that is a handstitched bike, my wife is that cool.

things have just gotten started for us and this new family, and i can't wait to share all our adventures with the world through my little blog.

as for riding, i actually have had a chance to hop back on the bike for some good miles this past week. last sunday i went on a group ride with mr. matt brown, seagato, jed "pimp daddy" sampsel, scott o'mara and the diesel mike wise. i hadn't been on a bike for a long period of time in forever it seemed. especially not on gravel, especially not riding with the likes of these guys. we had a tailwind for the first half of the ride and we were headed to the towers. it's a staple training/fun ride destination for the locals and always apart of the DK200 route. it's gorgeous out there, the flint hills are full of beauty, i don't care what time of year it is. but this day was particularly gorgeous with the temps only hitting 65 and with big poofy white clouds reminiscent of our wedding day. the only thing not pretty was the way my legs started feel at mile 18...cramping and shot. i know that sounds pathetic...and it is. jed told me later in the ride, "if i don't ride, i don't expect to ride well." i can't agree with him more, and as defeated and unmotivated to ride as i was after the explosion in my legs, it has only sparked my desire to ride that much more. it always seems to happen that way for me. i decided to tear off from the group early and jed was kind enough to come and keep me company so i could think about something other than the lactic acid party that was now creeping up through my thighs. we stopped at randy's house (aka cyclist's heaven) and we were surprised to see lelan, randy and anne marie all just getting home from a weekend in topeka doing the MS 150. lelan made me a pb & honey sandwich and i destroyed a pop tart and raisins while hoarding the fridge and pantry in the beautiful log home. jed and i finally made it back to emporia, 46 grueling miles under my belt and a heavy dose of humility on my plate. i'm ready to get back to riding regularly.

i got a new job. i miss the bike shop everyday, but thus is how the bike biz goes, when it gets cold, people get off their bikes. i officially start at verizon wireless on oct. 11th. training begins that day in KC for 4 weeks straight. i'll be back on the weekends and on wed. nights to lead worship at youth group at 12th avenue. crystal and emory will be going with me part of the time which will be amazing, and i'm planning on the bike being there with me everyday. like i said. i gotta get some riding in.

i need some accountability for what i'm going to say next.
i want to ride and finish the Dirty Kanza 200 in 2011.
there. i said it. publicly.
this is the bike i want to accomplish that feat with. the 2011 fisher collection cronus cx. i think we will be a match made in heaven together. i love cross bikes, and i firmly believe they love me back. it's not available until january, but that just gives me a glimmer of hope to look forward to in the dead of winter. and hopefully a jump start in training when mother nature is at her worst in kansas. lets do this. adventure monkey said it best "get off the couch and start living." i intend to do so sir. i too believe nothing is impossible when we put our minds to it.
thank you for reading this. i hope it has put a smile on your face and brightened your soul for just a moment. have a campfire this fall...i'm going to. i'm going to try and make this blogging thing a part of my regular do-ings on the world wide web. love you all.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Felt Comp Nine FOR SALE!

once again if you have any other questions email me at