Thursday, December 10, 2009

beautiful snow ruins beautiful evening

last night matthew brown, his nephew and i were going to have the time of our lives at a concert in lawrence. we were going to see underoath, august burns red and emery, all phenomenal bands, but in particular we were there to see underoath. i've seen this band a handful of times, and i am sure that i've never been as pumped to see them as i was yesterday. but of course as all of you can see where this is going, the show was partially canceled. underoath has a separate van and trailer that hauls their gear and it got in a terrible wreck the day before yesterday. the driver is reportedly in good shape, but in consequence underoath and emery both had to cancel the show in omaha 2 days ago and the show in lawrence last night. emery and underoath were both snowed in in iowa yesterday with all the roads and highways closed off. it looks as if the show is still on in tulsa tonight, and yes i would love to go, but its quite the drive. so as i said earlier it was "partially canceled" and that meant that august burns red left before the big snow storm moved in up there and made it down for the show. but we weren't pumped on seeing them and a few local bands so matt and i decided not to go to the show.

instead matt put some miles in on the trainer and i made enchiladas with my beautiful wife. i want to start cooking a lot more these days and try to start getting creative with it. i supposed i'll go home and set up me and the wife's trainers as well so we can start putting some base miles down for the winter. in the mean time, you all should check out some of underoath's tunes because they're phenomenal.

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  1. I was checkin out there tunes just today. Doesn't matter what album you listen, they're all amazing! I've only seen them once, but I loved it and have wanted to go again ever since!

    I know a little about this dilemma seeing as how I had a friend who was bound for the same concert, of which I was jealous, only to inform me that it was cancelled. Sorry buddy. That really stinks. Hope the enchiladas were delicious!