Thursday, February 24, 2011

the hills are screaming for attention

the flint's where my heart and mind want to be on a bicycle, as soon as humanly possible. 3 months down the road is the ride of my life and i haven't ridden even 50 miles total this year. wow, thats just about the most discouraging thing i could have written. seeing it out there like that is scary. no more excuses. the house is coming extremely close to being done. closer than ever. so riding is happening, soon.

that being said. here is the DK ride.

2011 Trek/Fisher Presidio. i did a little upgrading with the RXL wheels and XXX seatpost, and also threw my RXL saddle from last season on there. i finally got to take it for a spin last week with my wifey and her dad. just about 10 miles around town, but it was gorgeous and this machine is smooth. can't wait to see how it rolls on the gravel. i'm testing out the 1.75 XDX tires right now, with tubes. i'm wondering if they'll roll as fast as i want them to, and i'm also excited to go tubless later on closer to the DK. 200 miles in one's daunting, but i gotta finish. thats the only reason i signed up.

as you can see behind my ride there is the final project of the great 3 year house rennovations. the staircase. i left it for last because i've never done anything like it before, and it has been pretty intimidating. i would say i'm about 1/3 done with the project at this point and just need to get all the staircase parts painted/stained and then go ahead and install them. most of the cutting is done, which is a big relief. after this. it's time to sell this beautiful place and take the next steps toward our future. i can't wait. big things. i just pray we can make everything happen that i know God wants for us. it's extremely easy to be lazy when you get home from work...but no more, we've got to finish what we've started.

if you have some time to read some excellent blogs go check out these places that i frequent often.

Gnat likes - jason is from minnesota and is the brand manager for salsa cycles. his love for photography has become a passion that is worth sharing. his images are fantastic. i look forward to seeing what he's captured while out on snow bike rides and DK training rides. he came to emporia last year for the race and is coming back again this june. hope he conquers the beast this year. read his blog, you won't regret it.

Matt Brown/High Gear - matt owns the bike shop here in emporia and him and steph (his wife) are two of my best friends. they just got back from a 3 week trip to an island close by aruba and had a wonderful time connecting with the locals there and got in some much needed time for themselves away from the craziness of the shop. keep up with him and the happenings in DK country, their shop is the epicenter of all things dirty kanza 200.

see you guys on the gravel soon. until then i'll be woodworking. and i can't wait to be done.


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