Friday, October 29, 2010

cold october fall

i love it when the air begins to thin and sound starts to travel farther and clearer at night. the cold chill of fall makes this happen. i'm sitting in my living room reading amazing blogs with fantastic photos of riding bikes in the mountains of california and i can hear a police siren quite a few blocks away, but it sounds as if it's right outside our door. everything else is still and quiet. i wish our life were still and quiet. this in reference to all the travel thats going on for my new job. it's a mess, but i know it's only temporary. i miss my friends, i miss my bike, i miss the shop, i miss the flint hills. by the way, if i'm hanging out with any of you that might be reading this blog in the near future, and i start to talk about cell phones, or trying to sell you a cell phone. punch me in the face.

i will thank you for it later.

we just turned the heater on last night because it felt like a walk-in-freezer in our house. i love the sound of the furnace kicking on. i can't describe it, but it just makes me feel all warm and cozy. i should for sure be in bed right now. i'm slowly making it that way. if you haven't had a chance to start reading eric benjamin's (adventure monkey's) california bikepacking story, do yourself a favor and head that way right now. it's beautiful, all of it. i'm so glad he got to experience a trip like that, and i pray others will benefit because of his opportunity. i know good things will come from it. even if it is encouraging others to just be more active, it was worth it. and it is always worth it to test yourself to your very core. for some reason we are trained to run in the complete other direction and seek out any and everything that can bring us more convienence, and that is hollow. i seek a simple life, with deep outcomes. not something easy that comes with no effort. i don't live this way everyday, or very often it seems. but reading eric's blog, and just being in the swing of things that i am right now, i realize more than ever that effort, doing something, and simplicity should be at the top of my list. all with love in my bones. where is this motivation when i need it most? stuffed away in a dark place that i refuse to seek out. i say to hell with that. let's live intentionally.

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  1. Dude, that is seriously beautiful. I am a little choked up. I hope to God to take you on a trip like that someday. But for now may you travel to the California mountains through a blog post. That makes everything worth it. Thanks bro.