Saturday, May 15, 2010

how the time has passed

alright, enough with talking about how long it's been since i last posted. lets get on with it.

last week me and a bunch of friends (huge thanks to bill, dustin BOgart, chuck, wiggins, jed and charlie for all their help. i seriously could not have done it without you guys). also for matt and stephanie giving me the time off needed to get the project done. of course i thought it was only going to take 3 days tops to polish off the new roof. and 3 days into it...i literally couldn't see the end. crystal and i's roof is steep, much steeper than it looks from the ground.

here is the house just moments away from completion.
okay, maybe still a few hours out, but we were getting close thats for sure.
so now everyone wants to know what the house looked like before we started painting and roofing here you go.

notice the small details such as, no more chimney, a splash of landscaping around the front, and yeah we had to paint the house a color that made it look and feel like it had been there for a million years. rather than all white, not accentuating the character of the little swiss tutor home. we love this someone come and buy it.

here she is all finished up...except for the small portion about the side door...yeah yeah, i'll get to it sometime this week. and oh yeah, a big thanks to phillip for letting me borrow a bunch of seriously necessary tools for the job. it would've been a nightmare without a roofing nailer.

here is me getting picture happy the day after the monumentous finishing of the roof job...and my wife is telling me to stop taking pictures because we're running late for the 100 miles to no where that adventure monkey put on last saturday. speaking of bicycles i want to show you something i built for my beautiful wifey.

the gorgeous bianchi...ahhh yes finally she is a single speed. some day it will have flat bars and just one little brake, but until then, this build will definitely do.

now i just need one.

so the roof is done, the bike is built, and now i need to raise the ceilings and sheetrock the upstairs at our house. after that, she's on the market. so if you're thinking about buying the cutest house ever...let us know.


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