Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas all over again

yesterday we all received some new gear from trek for the racing season, and it was glorious. here is one of my boxes of goodies

RXL inform shoes, RXL saddle, new helmet and XXX handlebars. i can't wait for the rest of the stuff to come in, especially my new ride. once again, i am anxiously awaiting march. our roadie on the team, wiggins, was the only one that got his bike yesterday and it is the brand new Fisher Cronus Ultimate. it is the sickest looking road bike i have ever seen and it's also the lightest i've ever picked up. i'll let him update on his blog about the specifications and all that, i don't want to ruin the fun for him.

we're still hard at work renovating the new shop, and along with my new bicycle, we're hoping to open the doors to the new place on march 1st. things are going smoothly so far, lets hope that they continue that way. and one last thing i wanted to let everyone know that i do have my felt comp 29er for sale right now. it's a medium 17.5" frame with lots of upgraded components, here is a picture of it and if you're interested shoot me a comment and we can work something out. the price is negotiable at this point.


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